Monday, September 27, 2010

We're Getting Old

Saturday Night Live premiered this past Saturday, and all it did was remind me that I'm getting old.

Exhibit A:
Location: Our bed
Time: approximately 11:00 pm

Katy Perry is performing

Steve: Katy Perry is hot.
Me: Yeah. She is.
Steve: You don't like her, do you?
Me: Nuh no, I like her. I bought her first album. you think she's just...a little bit obnoxious?
Steve: All hot girls are a little bit obnoxious.
Me: They are? I didn't know that. Hmm...she seems a little gimicky to me.
Steve: I'm just glad to see a pop star who isn't blonde. I like brunettes.
Me: She dyes her hair...oh my gosh.
Steve: What is it?
Me: She's singing "California Gurls". This is "the song of the summer", that like, broke iTunes records, that all the kids are listening to. I've never heard it before, have you?
Steve: Ugh. We are getting old.

Exhibit B:
Time: approximately 11:15

After taking our nightly medication and pain reliever for various aches and pains, we fall asleep.

Exhibit C:
Time: Right now

I had to Google "California Gurls" to verify the spelling of the song title.

In conclusion: I'm not hip, I'm not down, I don't have the 411, I'm not diggin' what the kids are listening to. I'm such a square. [sigh.]

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