Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Watercooler Gossip

Trolling the internet so you don't have to...

Run and tell that, homboy: Buzzfeed

A snarky Dancing with the Stars recap: I'm Bringing Blogging Back

E*Trade and Lindsay Lohan reach a settlement in "milkaholic" lawsuit. Dina can now afford to buy all the Fudgie the Whale she can eat: Celebitchy

Paris Hilton is banned from Japan. In other news, Japan is my new favorite country: DListed

Real Housewives of Orange County Drama: Simon goes to jail: Oh No They Didn't

Facebook's founder hates the Facebook movie: Gawker

How to be as elegant as the Jersey Shore kids: The Gloss

9 Regrettable purchases of 1999: Funny or Die

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