Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm Giving Parenthood Another Try

The TV show, not actual parenthood. Parenthood is the best thing to ever happen to me. The TV show, Parenthood, not so much. I decided to give it another shot because of a strong endorsement from a friend whose opinion I value, and I wasn't disappointed with the season premiere.
I only watched a couple of episodes last season, and I totally forgot that Joy Bryant is on the show. She plays the role of Jasmine, ex-girlfriend of Crosby (Dax Shepard) and single mom to the son Crosby didn't know he had. Sidenote: Concealing the existance of a child from one of its parents is one of my favorite themes in television and film.

Steve doesn't like to brag about his brushes with fame, but he met Joy Bryant once when she visited his golf shop to buy a present for her dad a few years ago. I was impressed that Steve recognized her, because although she is beautiful, she wasn't a household name and I didn't expect Steve to be familiar with her work. Apparently, being hot is all it takes to be memorable for Steve, and it helped that she offered up that she's an actress in conversation with Steve.

Steve: I met Joy Bryant today.
Me: The actress, Joy Bryant? Was she nice?
Steve: Yeah. I told her The Skeleton Key is your favorite movie and she seemed surprised. She was like, "Really?"
Me: I bet she was. You told her The Skeleton Key is my favorite movie?
Steve: Isn't it?
Me: No. It's a good movie, but it is not my favorite.
Steve: Why not?
Me: "Favorite" status is reserved for classics like Gone with the Wind or The Godfather.Your favorite movie says a lot about you. People judge you based on it.
Steve: So what's your favorite movie then? Legally Blonde or Old School?
Me: [sigh] Gone with the Wind is what I say is my favorite movie. Old School is my favorite movie. Get it?
Kate Hudson and Joy Bryant in The Skeleton Key

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