Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dancing with The Stars Week 1 Elimination: So Long, Hasselhofff

My dreams of watching David Hasselhoff eat cheeseburgers off the dance floor while performing the tango have been dashed. In only the first week of competition, The Hoff has been eliminated.

I identified Hasselhoff as the weakest dancer during last night's performances, but he is one of the more widely recognized contestants, and I expected his notoriety to translate to voting fans. My mistake. I was in good company, though. Host Tom Bergeron said that in all the seasons he has hosted, this is the Week 1 elimination that surprised him the most.
While Margaret Cho is my sentimental favorite, I predicted her fan base to be smaller; and that, combined with her mistakes (ugh, that gold cape!) during her performance would end with her getting the boot. That said, I'm glad I was wrong about my prediction and that Margaret dances again.

I cannot be expected to devote four hours of my week to viewing this program in addition to the amount of time it takes me to blog about it afterwards, so I don't watch the elimination episode. It's two hours of fluff filler. I was watching Glee, Raising Hope, and Running Wilde on Fox; and let me just tell you--I was not disappointed. More on that later.

I am looking forward to next week's episode of DWTS, but I've discovered a few things about myself. I will be very unsatisfied unless at some point in the season I do not see:
  1. Michael Bolton perform the pasadoble to "Time Love and Tenderness"
  2. Brandy perform the tango to "The Boy is Mine"
  3. Bristol Palin perform the rumba to "Papa Don't Preach" 
photos via examiner.com

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