Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program...

So last night (Tuesday) was a big night for TV. Glee, The Biggest Loser, Raising Hope, Running Wilde, Parenthood. Since Parenthood was recording in the next room, I decided to try watching Detroit 187, because:
  1. Steve and I loved Michael Imperioli when he was on The Sopranos
  2. We were already on the channel that was showing Detroit 187 and didn't bother changing it.
Around that time, Robinson mentioned something about being hungry (translation: be began screaming at full volume). I'm what Oprah calls a "multi-tasker" so I told myself, "I got this." I can feed Robinson a bottle and watch Detroit 187. I was wrong. I. Was. Wrong.

Because my eyes were on the television instead of my baby, I didn't notice the exact moment he stopped eating and began quietly lying in my arms with the bottle still in his mouth. He usually spits it out when he's through. I suppose the bottle was just leaking formula into his mouth and it went down the wrong pipe. That's when little man began coughing. I put down the bottle, and Steve came to my side of the bed to watch as I sat Robinson upright and began patting him on the back. He only coughed for a few seconds, then he just sat quietly. He seemed quite content, actually. Then he got a funny look on his face. That's when the wildest thing happened:

He projectile spit up. This spit-up was long reaching, quite considerable in quantity, and had a nice arc to it. Like a rainbow. Then he did it again, just as much as the one before. If I had known this would happen, I would've worn a poncho. Steve and I were so mystified. It was so bright and vivid. It was like a full-on double rainbow all across the sky. Which of course made me think of the Double Rainbow Guy.

So yeah, after all that, Detroit 187 failed to capture my attention. Later, during Robinson's (vomit free) midnight feeding I watched The Biggest Loser, grateful to be able to fast forward through the hour of commercials and fifteen or so minutes of fluff that helped fill the two hour time slot. Their ratings weren't the greatest, and if viewers didn't have to watch for two hours in order to view the 45 minutes of actual programming, more people might tune in. It annoys me.

You know what doesn't annoy me? Jillian Michael's expression and posture during the show. It cracks me up the way she's so serious. Alison Sweeney is standing beside her, looking peaceful and pleasant, while Jillian stands there in her tough-guy stance, all her weight on one hip jutting out to the side, arms crossed, pouty face and eyes glazed over. Like she's dreaming up ways to kill her enemies. It reminded me of someone...
Jillian and Avril: you girls are too pretty to be so angry! Grr...

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