Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fun With Google

It's been a while...presented with little or no commentary from me this time...because frankly, I'm speechless.

TV Inquiries
olivia from jerseylicious
who is brody and frankie's friend on the hills who does up motorbikes
hoda kotb reacting to song i'm free for september 9, 2010
werther's caramel commercial, girl eating candy on sofa
who is woman in werthers commercial
i m christina hawthorne i run this
christina hawthorne pregnant?
lisa love the hills
audrina the hills
stephanie biker boyfriend hills (1 time)
the hills life love (1 time)

Random Inquiries
whats the year gimmie that nut came out
2010 are beanie babies still collectible? 
What's up with people taking pictures of food now?

sex video hot archiv teen

teresa giudice chinchilla coat
"real housewives of new jersey" "teresa * drunk"
nicole scherzinger pole dancer
heidi spencer bored
connie britton
tawny kitaen pic
photo of tawny on car whitesnake
ipod graeme mcdowell
jada pinkett smith pregnant

Alabama References
girl must have been struttin that ass
guntersville struttin
crimson tide tattoos

Rickie Fowler
rickie fowler
rickie fowler photos
picture of rickie fowler
rickie fowler pictures
rickie fowler mom
rickie fowler bieber
rickie fowler bieber hair
rickie fowler hair
rickie fowler girlfriend
rickie fowler ladies

Three Mutts and a Baby
three mutts and a baby
three muts and a baby
three mutts and
mutts round table
mutt fairy godmother
i'don't no muts
muts beanie baby

Fictional Characters
miss trunchbull
ariel and ursula

Quotable Quotes
the ankles are the windows to the ass"
hide ya kids hide ya wife movie quote
"i can run to texas and back but my daughter can't!" [she never could!]
quote "i may have lost the battle"....
quotes about a baby
absence is to love quotes from hills show
jada pinkett said this system isnt working
non plan plan quotes
"unfortunately that's how the system works" hawthorne
that's what she said quote blogspot

That Damn Flag Football Cheerleader Controversy
jennifer tesch on nancy grace
jennifer tesch
5 year old girl in detroit kicked off cheerleading team
booty shaker and 6 year old and detroit
was jennifer tesch fired from madison heights high school
back aching and the skirt being too tight i don’t understand
6 year old cheerleader kicked off squad in detroit
little cheerleader kicked off team

Sweet Jenna Bush Hager
billy bush and jenna bush
jenna bush hager sucks as correspondent
jenna bush hager due date
jenna bush hager pregnant [no. this is what happens when a pregnant blogger writes a jenna bush post]

Internet Reference
"best man speech" "that's what she said"
my mother [you know you can't just Google "my mother" and find stuff about your mom, right?]
how to make the baby pop surger
that's nutso in the buttso podcast
captcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me
this is correspondence back and forth between a secretary...
that's what she said jokes
all the pregnant ladies lyrics
misty shannon david thorne poster
amish paradise video

Cholas, Cholas, Cholas!
tatto de cholas
chola tattoos
chola girlfriend having sex

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