Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Boulevard of Broken Outfits

My next big purchase is going to be a DSLR camera. I love how I say "my" next big purchase, when I have an income of *zero* dollars. I'm full of jokes today! Until then, I'm still working with the point-and-click my grandparents gave me for Christmas 2004. It's been a great camera. I'm still working with the original memory card. I thought about buying a new memory card, but at this point it doesn't make much sense to do that. Instead, I occasionally go through and delete old pictures. At this point, that memory card holds only my most favorite moments from 2004 to present. It documents puppies, babies, my bachelorette party (Holla!), Auburn football games, vacations. Good times. Another thing I noticed as I was delete-delete-deleting was all the pictures of me in beloved outfits I no longer have.

Join me won't you, as I journey through the graveyard of my wardrobe!
Purchased: 2004
From: Banana Republic
The Story: A beloved one shoulder size 4 top (whoop whoop), it combines my love for metallic and orange
Where is it now?: Packed away in a tub of clothes I won't part with, despite no longer being a B-cup.
Purchased: 2005
From: Bebe
The Story: It's the freakin weekend, baby, and that's all the reason 23-year-old Samantha needs to buy a new outfit!
Where is it now?: No clue. The color washes me out, and it's just about backless. I think I gave it away?
Purchased: 2005
From: Laney's Place (a boutique in Homewood, Alabama)
The Story: A Christmas gift from my mom. I love this top!
Where is it now?: After dragging in late one night, I carelessly left this top on the floor. Puppy George chewed the shoulder. Pretty sure I cried.
Purchased: 2005
From: Bebe
The Story: Just another cute going out top that made me feel like a million bucks, but not like I'm trying too hard.
Where is it now?: Missing in Action
Purchased: 2006
From: White House Black Market
The Story: My bridesmaid, Kristen, had a cute idea for me to wear white to my bachelorette party, while all my bridesmaids wear black. It was a lot of fun and the pictures turned out great. Since it was the middle of winter, these winter white pants were all I could find, and the hems were completely destroyed by the dirty floor of Mako's in Atlanta
Where is it now?: In an alteration pile at my mom's house, I think. She has repeatedly tried to stain treat these pants and may try to shorten the hem and remove the damaged fabric at a later date. I think it's a moot point now.
Purchased: 2006
From: Saks Fifth Avenue (Theory)
The Story: I bought this for my bridesmaids luncheon. It now features loose and missing rhinestones and is tinged with self tanner.
Where is it now: In a bag to go to the dry cleaners for two years. As if it could be saved.
Purchased: 2006
From: Saks Fifth Avenue (BCBG)
The Story: Favorite top of all time. It's beautiful silk, in just the perfect shade of green, with wooden beading.
Where is it now?: George got a hold of it and gnawed the wooden beads off and chewed the zipper at the hem. I kept it hanging in my closet for two more years after that, convincing myself that I would wear it anyway and that nobody would notice the missing beads.
Purchased: 2006
From: The Auburn University Bookstore
The Story: I bought it the day before the game, right after arriving from Dallas
Where is it now? Oh, I still have it. Washing and drying this shirt was the last act of laundry I permitted Steve to do in our house. I think it would fit Laney now.
Purchased: 2004
From: Arden B
The Story: There was a time when I would buy anything that was green. In 2004, camisole tops were so hot. Most people would be thrown off by a top that doesn't allow for a bra, but not me.
Where is it now?: I loved it enough to save it, but the plastic ring that adjusts the strap is broken
Purchased: 2005
From: Bebe
The Story: Saw it in a mailer from Bebe, fell in love with it and bought it, despite it being a terrible color for me.
Where is it now?: I gave it to Amy

Purchased: 2006
From: Saks Fifth Avenue (BCBG)
The Story: I can't explain this. That band across the top is fully sequined, too.
Where is it now? Tucked safely away. I now leave this sort of dressing to JWoww.
Purchased: 2006
From: A boutique sale in Atlanta
The Story: As I said, there was a time when I would buy anything green
Where is it now? I hope I gave it away, it will never be appropriate for me to wear again
Purchased: 2007
From: BCBG
The Story: I needed a new top to wear on the Girls Beach Trip. This was on sale. And it was green.
Where is it now?: I gave it away to somebody who might want to look pregnant.

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  1. Since I have long been a Non-Ginger with Ginger skin, can we go shopping together so you can provide me with tips of colors that work so well for our skin tone? The only stipulation being, I can NOT pull off cute camisole tops!