Wednesday, September 8, 2010

An Open Letter to the Guy who called me a "Fucking Idiot"

In response to my post, The Tool Awards: Rickie Fowler, rawrshaq had this to say to me:

"you sound like a fucking idiot. im sorry, i got this page from a google search, but seriously this is one of the dumbest, most ill-thought opinions i have ever seen"

Well...allow me to retort:

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! While I find your use of the phrase "fucking idiot" when referring to me both unnecessary and abusive, this housewife is humbled that my writing evoked such strong feelings in one of my readers.

I will agree with you on one thing: my opinion is considerably less researched and thought-out than a college thesis, but that's the dangerous beautiful thing about blogging. Any jackass can type their stupid opinion and publish it as fact, so that it can in turn be read and scrutinized by total strangers.

Rickie Fowler is the Justin Bieber of golf, so I knew that when I chose to take on such a polarizing public figure that I would be met with mixed reactions. I receive a lot of traffic on my blog thanks to this post and people who Google "Rickie Fowler tool" and "Rickie Fowler hair", so I know I am not alone in my opinions regarding this short, flamboyantly dressed boy with the pretty hair. I also get a lot of traffic from Google Image searches, presumably from admirers such as yourself who are perhaps dazzled by his style and charisma, or wish to run their fingers through his long, luxurious hair.

The time stamp on your comment tells me that you were Googling Rickie Fowler at 3:00 in the morning, so I will trust that you are an authority on "fucking idiots". As a new mom who is frequently awake at that hour, I know all to well that 3:00am is the fucking idiot's time to shine.

My husband is a golf pro in Dallas, and my Rickie post was actually written at his request. He and his other golf friends will be so amused when they find out I pissed off, or at the very least annoyed, one of Rickie's devotees. In his opinion, the only person who is a bigger tool than Rickie Fowler is somebody who is a fan of Rickie Fowler.

That said, we welcome all opinions here at Three Mutts and a Baby, and if you happen to read this and still feel strongly in defense of Rickie Fowler, I invite you to write a guest post at any time rebutting my opinion.




  1. thanks for the laugh at work. favorite part: 3am is when the "fucking idiots" shine. maybe i'm wrong in this case, but i live near boystown and i know why boys google image search other boys at 3am...

  2. What does this article have to do with Rickie? I met him and he signed anything people asked. He was a little mad about how he had played that day but all around he was a nice guy who I hope wins the tournament this time around.