Monday, May 31, 2010

This is How I'll Lose the Baby Weight

Jarred came to see me this weekend. He's such a good little brother. He hasn't seen me all year, so his reaction to seeing his sister eight months pregnant was to :

1. Laugh
2. Whip his phone out, take my picture and send it to all his friends.

Steve does the exact same thing whenever he sees two or more redheads together in one place. My phone will blow up with pictures of redheads and the message: "Look! I discovered a ginger colony!" Yeah, two or more redheads in one place = Ginger Colony.

Since Steve's birthday last weekend went largely uncelebrated, Mom decided to bake him a cake. When the time came to cut said cake, I was behaving in typical indecisive Libra style--mock-slicing the round layer cake with my knife, and asking Jarred, "Should I cut it this way...or should I cut it this way?"

Jarred shakes his head, "Just cut it like it's pie."

"Oh, no! That would make the slices way too big!"

"No, it wouldn't. Here, just imagine that this cake is your lottery winnings. Cut a slice that represents the amount you'd donate to charity."

I. Laughed. So. Hard. Mom thought I was going to go into labor.

Happy Memorial Day, y'all! And may your food portions be as generous as your charitable donations.

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  1. if the cake was what to do with your lottery winnings, i want the "keep it" slice!