Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Absolute Worst Thing About Being Pregnant that I didn't time it better. One of my favorite girls in the whole world, Ashley (also referred to as "Sally" in previous posts) is getting married today to one of my favorite fellas, "Pres". I was honored to be chosen as a bridesmaid. But I'm not there. Because I am 32 weeks pregnant today, and my request to drive 750 miles from my house in the Dallas suburbs to her wedding in Gadsden, Alabama was met with a "You're joking, right?" by everyone from family members to health care professionals. If I were already in Alabama, I would have just have just swallowed my pride, assumed the role as "blimpiest bridesmaid", ordered yards and yards of extra fabric and let my mom re-construct a maternity bridesmaid dress. Alas, I am too far away to participate. I've tried not to think about it too much, because it makes me really sad. I know my life will be different once I become a mom, and staying in touch with my friends from back home has always required extra effort on my part due to my distance, but I wasn't prepared for things to change so soon. That's why this email I received two days before the wedding from one of the groomsmen was bittersweet:

"Aww yeah, you've heard about the dopest pool party in the world. Now it's coming to Gadsden for the celebration and wedding of the hometown hottie, Ashley “Tid Little Shoes” M. and the outta town oakie, Daniel “Pres” C. That's right, the wettest wildest pool party will be Saturday, May 22nd, at the fabulous Gadsden Inn & Suites. Come see live performances by Flo-rida, Ke$ha, Justin Bieber, and one Ashley C. doing the Superman. Participate in the coed wet t-shirt contest. Don't worry, complimentary airbrush t-shirts will be given away. So grease up your body and BYOB because nothing gets Pres & Tid more excited to get married than seeing all of their friends doin the stanky legg! Please forward this on to anyone you see fit and remember - the party starts when you get there!"

I love my crazy girls, and they're gonna have all kinds of fun without me...

Congratulations, Sally and Pres! xoxo

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