Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm Rooting for the Pink Ninja

The Biggest Loser finale is tonight, and I can't wait! I typically watch while eating something that would cause Jillian Michaels to have a conniption fit. My favorite part is the weigh-in. As one of those women who is prone to thrice-daily weigh-ins myself, there is something very rewarding and exciting about seeing these contestants hop on that scale to see their progress for the week and learn who is safe and who is up for elimination. The drama! The suspense! If NBC aired a Biggest Loser weigh-in every day of the year...I would watch.

I cheer for the Pink team. I was tipped off about them on Facebook, where I learned this mother/daughter team has another daughter who graduated the year before me at Hoover High School. Pink team members Sherry and Ashley Johnston call Knoxville, Tennessee home, but if Sherry's other daughter, Cyndie, is a Hoover girl, then Sherry and Ashley are at least honorary Hoover girls, and I have to pull for them!

That being said, I would have pulled for Sherry and Ashley regardless. They are fantastic. I've watched this show for years, and it is refreshing to see these women achieve their goals without whining, throwing a pity party, making excuses, relying on politics, or otherwise being a trouble maker or drama queen. Also in their favor: they're not one of those annoying guys who goes on and on about how they're here to inspire [eye roll]. Sherry was eliminated weeks ago and has gone on to continued weight loss success at home, but 27-year-old Ashley, who started the competition at 374 pounds, earned her place in the finals after dropping 161 pounds! I never thought Ashley would make it this far, not because I didn't believe in her, but because the Reality TV gods always take away the ones I love the most. They're so cruel. But this time, good prevailed and Ashley's going all the way!

I'm proud of Ashley, because she has accomplished so much, and she did it with grace and class. I know she will have lost even more weight when she appears on the finale, but she looks fabulous and beautiful already! I would love to see the $250,000 Grand Prize be awarded to her.


  1. Ashley is a Hoover girl. She's my age and she went to Hoover our freshman year, but they moved our sophmore year. Shen went to school with me at Berry too. I was never close friends with her, but talked to her some. I'm totally rooting Pink too dude :) I hope Daris gets the spot over Koli. Not gonna lie, Koli's cocky attitude made me not like him after Sam left.

  2. THANK YOU, Marcie! I've wondered this whole season if she attended Hoover. My yearbooks didn't move to Texas with me, so my research consisted of calling my brother and asking him to check his 2000 yearbook. And I agree about Koli being full of himself. To be honest, it grated on my nerves pretty good the way he and Sam were always waxing philosophical and thinking it was their responsibility to motivate the others. Were there sparks flying between Ashley and Daris in the last weigh-in? I think he has a crush :)

  3. What's funny was that everyone is thinking that Ashley and Mike have something going on. Not gonna lie...I kinda think Mike is gay. Did you see the way he was talking last night....and the ENORMOUS belt buckle??? WOWZERS! Pink did so well though. It's funny that with the % Koli lost, he would have won...if he hadn't been so dang cocky, America might have voted for him. I heart Daris though. SUCH a cutie!!!

  4. Mike and his rhinestone belt buckle sent my gaydar into overdrive! How do I put this? Is he the *opposite* of bowlegged? It looked like his knees were buckling together, and he had camel toe. I was really confused by the whole outfit. He did seem smitten with Miss Ashley. She looked gorgeous. I would have blogged about it, but couldn't find any photos. What was with the huge pink buttons on Cyndie's shoulders? Koli blew it by acting like a pompous Tongan. Daris is a cupcake!