Friday, May 21, 2010

I Just Love the Local News

I've said before that I watch the Today show every morning, and I also watch the local news leading into Today. Every morning, at the very end of the local broadcast, they have a little segment called "Tell Me Something Good." Steve calls it "Tell Me Something Gay." It's where viewers submit a photo, usually of a puppy or a baby, along with a description of the photo. It's intended to evoke warm, fuzzy feelings in a world that's filled with chaos and doom.

This morning's "Tell Me Something Good" recognized Calamity Jane, a three-legged Golden Retriever who works in a children's hospital as a therapy dog. Additionally, Jane once saved a family from being robbed at gunpoint, and before that, she survived being shot and left for dead. This is the cause of her missing the leg. I like how the anchor woman clarifies that as a result of having one leg amputated, Jane now has three legs. Thanks for clearing that up. Then, the astute anchor woman decides to ad-lib (that's when they say the darndest things!): "You know, and I bet she's got a few more stories to tell before her life finally ends...we hope of natural causes. Good lookin' dog, though."

I know it's asking a lot for a Friday, but I hope that's the dumbest thing I hear all day. To see Calamity Jane's story (it's a one minute video and she's super cute) check it out below!

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  1. OK, that definitely made me laugh out loud. Maybe anchors should stick to the damn teleprompter and leave sweet little Jane in peace. Moron. :)

  2. Seriously, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth and heard her and just dropped my toothbrush like, "Did she really just say that?"