Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In Memory of Mr. Belvedere

One of my besties from college came to town on business not too long ago. Here's a picture from the last time Baker came to town in 2007, when her hair was longer and my pants didn't have an elastic waistband:
Because of my delicate condition, this visit was decidedly tamer, but fun nevertheless. We had a great time at dinner, chatting about friends and family. Of course, when I think of Baker's family, I can't help but remember the time her brother Bill came to visit when we were seniors at Auburn. While Baker finished getting ready for our night out, Sally, Jenn, and I chatted with Bill over a few cold beers on the front porch. Sally doesn't say much, because when she drinks she turns into Silent Bob. This was our conversation:

Bill: I just played in a celebrity pro-am golf tournament. I got to play with Mr. Belding. He got fat.
Me: Really?
Bill: Yeah. Like, really fat.
Jenn: Oh! I used to love that show!
Me: Yeah, me too.
Jenn (attempting a British accent): The proper British butler comes to work for the American family! It's so funny! [mimes holding a serving tray]
Me (as if talking to a 5-year-old): No, sweetie. You're thinking of Mr. Belvedere. Bill played with Mr. Belding.
Jenn: What?
Bill (exasperated): No! Not Mr. Belvedere, Mr. Belding! From Saved by the Bell! [shaking head] Mr. Belvedere is dead!
[Jenn, Sally, and I gasp dramatically]
Me: Mr. Belvedere died?! When did this happen?
Jenn: How did he die? [chin quivering ever so slightly]
Bill (still agitated): I. Don't. Know.
Me: How did we not hear about this in the news? That's just terrible!
Bill: I don't know. He was old.
Jenn: That's so sad...
[I turn my head to see Sally pouring her beer onto the ground]
Me: Did you just pour out your 40 for Mr. Belvedere?
Sally: [nods solemnly]


...and because writing this post caused the tune of the Mr. Belvedere theme song to run through my head:
Mr. Belvedere (1922-2001)

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