Monday, May 24, 2010

A Pirate Looks at 35

I would be remiss if I didn't say a few words about my boo, who turned 35 yesterday...
Last year we had a party, but this year we painted Robinson's nursery. Or, rather, he painted Robinson's nursery and I did pregnant lady things like keep Steve company and spend an hour meticulously cleaning and disinfecting the door, door frame, and door knob leading into Robinson's room.

I took him out for sushi on Saturday night and gave him a gift certificate for a Swedish massage. On Sunday morning, Laney and I went to Rudy's BBQ and picked up some breakfast burritos for the birthday boy. Laney was happy to ride along with me, but disappointed that the drive thru girl didn't offer her a snack like they do at Double Dip. Next to Rudy's is a large vacant lot that on Sunday morning was filled with RVs belonging to all the Parrot Heads who came to town for Jimmy Buffett's concert at Pizza Hut Park on Saturday night. We would have loved to have seen that show. Nowadays, we're not exactly having a lot of "fun" in the traditional sense, so being in close proximity to fun is kind of nice.

Steve was 25 when I met him. I used to spend Sunday afternoons watching him play golf or going to a movie together. Now I'm watching him paint our baby's room and we're taking afternoon naps watching the History Channel together. What a difference a decade makes! Times have changed, but we're excited for what is in store.

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