Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quote of The Day

Jarred: Effin boss' sister-in-law made us lunch. These janky sandwich wraps. Not good.
Me: Ick.
Jarred: It tastes like a hobo's leftovers.
Me: hahhahaahahhaahaahahahahhaah
Jarred: And they are up there mean muggin us while we pick them up.
Me: Why the mean muggin?
Jarred: Cause she looks like Rod Stewart. I dont know, she sucks. Smelled like a funeral parlor hooker up there. I mean, these women hunt down the worst perfumes.


  1. God I hope your boss doesn't know you have a blog...

    On that note...THAT WAS HILARIOUS!

  2. Actually, that was a Google chat conversation with my brother in Birmingham. Hopefully HIS boss doesn't know I have a blog...and hopefully Jarred doesn't read this post and get pissed that I reprinted our conversation! All in good fun, right?