Friday, June 4, 2010

That is SO 2003, Miley

Miley Cyrus and her "Can't Be Tamed" bird-tramp act has gone international. While performing on Britain's Got Talent, she and her chipmunk teeth raped the face of one of her dancers. Escandalo! Seriously, I didn't think that the ice cream truck stripper pole routine could be topped. I was wrong. I. Was. Wrong.

Miley is really just an inferior, non-animated version of Brittany from The Chipettes, so I'm not surprised that this is the best she could do. I'm just surprised that her handlers didn't tell her that the faux lesbian kiss has been done, and been done better, and that she shouldn't try to recapture it. She wouldn't try to remake Gone with the Wind would she? No she wouldn't. Wait, yes she would.

See for yourself. Listener discretion advised (mute this business). Fast forward to the 1:05 mark if you haven't got time for the pain.

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