Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Laney is a Helicopter Dog

...meaning she is hovering. I go to the kitchen, Laney goes to the kitchen. I go to Robinson's room, Laney goes to Robinson's room, I get in the bed, Laney curls up right on top of me. I get up to use the bathroom, I come back to find her on my pillow. I ask her to scoot over, and she offers me half of my pillow. She keeps the other half. She won't leave my side. Steve decided to take the day off yesterday with me to help get Robinson's room ready and work on things around the house.

"How do you deal with these dogs underfoot all day long?"

"Sometimes I step on them."

Steve gets annoyed that Laney wants to sleep between us like a little child. He fusses at her and makes her leave. As soon as he nods off, she comes back. I do worry that we're gonna roll over onto one of her long, spindly legs and injure her one of these days. The dogs have always been really clingy with me, but now more than ever. I don't know what's worse: that I'm constantly tripping over three dogs who stick to me like Velcro, or that I don't actually mind.

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  1. Watch yourself girl. My dog began hovering a few days before I went into labor with both pregnancies. Wouldn't leave my side. So make sure your hospital bags are packed.