Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Avenue Q: The Post-Gary Coleman Edition

What a difference a week makes. Since March, Steve and I have had a date with our friends, David and Ashley, to see Avenue Q, the Broadway musical that Ashley described to us as "Sesame Street for adults". The touring production of Avenue Q is in Dallas for two weeks. Ashley had originally suggested we see it last week, but I had some sort of conflict on that day. Something about a baby. So we settled on tonight. Big difference? Normally, no, but in the wake of Gary Coleman's untimely death, changes have been made to the original Avenue Q. You see, there is a character named "Gary Coleman" and a few jokes at ol' Gary's expense. I suppose Gary was a good sport about it all when he was alive, but now that he's in Heaven, Avenue Q creator Jeff Marx will be changing some lines that now seem "inappropriate".  You're already bored with this, but I find it notable that something as arbitrary as the date I chose to see this musical dictates which version of the musical I will be seeing. I kind of wish I was seeing the original. Such is life.

My source for this post is Perez Hilton. He's my Tom Brokaw.

I love this photo of Gary. It captures the way I feel most of the time.

I really hope that Steve likes Avenue Q. I try to bring culture and the arts to our relationship, with mixed outcomes. The first musical I dragged invited him to was Rent when it came to the BJCC in 2001. We left after the first act because Steve just couldn't take it. Looking back, that was a highly misguided choice on my part. Rent is not starter-musical for a southern man. Oklahoma would have been more well-received.

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