Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fun With Google

It's that time again. Some people find my blog using wacky, often disturbing Google search phrases, which I receive in a weekly report and then share with you. My reaction is in purple. "Plum" if you want to get specific.

- compression stockings This search came up 9 times. All from European Googlers. Olivia, my resident German blog reader says that it's just what the old ladies like to wear. Why they need to Google it remains a mystery.
- Scholl sandals See "compression stockings"
- Joran Van der Sloot expecting baby That would require him to spend alone time with a lady and not kill her.
- free lustful young girls movies. So you want kiddie porn but you're too cheap to pay for it? Ick. Nast. 
- What was Joran Van der Sloot doing in Peru Playing poker and committing murder.
- Where are the Kalpoe bros? I know where they're not, and that's "rotting in prison".
- Maks and Erin dating Or at the very least, mattress dancing.
- Paula Simon love Did this Googler wake up from a coma? This question is so 2003.
- nutso in the buttso The phrase is sweeping the nation!
- the pink ninja from biggest loser is a hot tamale!
- Forced baby into my vagina Honey, you should probably just skip the prom this year.
- Brittny Gastineau I suspect this Google search was conducted by one Brittny Gastineau. Just sayin'

1 comment:

  1. Samantha, these searches are funny and well...some are just disturbing. Yuck to the young girls movie search. What are you using to check which searches pull up your blog? It would be fun to know for our blog too.