Friday, October 15, 2010

But What if He's NOT "Handsome Like Daddy"?

I mean, I don't have that problem. Robinson tested "negative" for Rumer Willis Syndrome, but...can't his cuteness just speak for itself? Why do I have to advertise the cuteness on his clothing?
Can a baby just wear clothes without announcing plans for future greatness, boasting cuteness, or projecting Mom and Dad's ownership of the baby?
My only baby is a boy, so I'll stick to what I know. The mothers of little girls have problems all their own, what with it now being fashionable to dress your little girl like a Yorkshire Terrier.

You have the onesies that boast the baby's cuteness:
You have the onesies that brag about the baby's parent's attractiveness:

Then there are the onesies that profess a baby's future talent:

Then you have the brutally honest onesie:
And of course, the onesie that shares a message that no baby would knowingly share:

Steve, for one, thinks it is hilarious to dress a baby in a onesie with a wildly inappropriate message.
I was going to go on a rant about how all little boys clothes are plastered in footballs, baseballs, and soccer balls, but after searching the internet for onesies for this blog post, I've discovered there are much worse things I could dress my son in besides a baseball onesie.


  1. I refuse to buy sports themed stuff unless its AU or LSU & definitely NOTHING that says "Daddy's Little All-Star"... awful!

  2. I am not a fan of these onesies at all. I have never liked onesie that try to make a statement. I don't really like the bibs that do it either. Also I am not going to lie I was worried about having a boy bc I don't like sports themed stuff either (unless it is an alabama onesie)...I was more worried about the room. But when I did some research I found MANY cute alternatives :)

  3. Ditto! I HATE clothes with sayings on them. And, if you haven't already realized it, pretty much everything you can buy for a baby is striped. Apparently they are all playing rugby :)