Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Better With You

Last month, I gave a rundown of the TV shows on the Fall schedule that I care about. Some are new shows, and some are returning favorites. There were a lot of shows I committed to watching, and so following up with my reviews and insights would be quite the time-suck. Plus, none of you sons-a-bitches even asked for my opinion in the first place, so I'm pretty much doing this for my own amusement--and I am considerably less amused than when I originally took on this endeavor.
However, I do love the new ABC sitcom Better with You. As I wrote before, it's about three relationships at different stages within one family. Mom and Dad have been together 35 years and are committed--even if the spark seems to be gone. Big Sis and her live-in boyfriend have been together 9 years, and though the "honeymoon" is over, they have a great short-hand with one another that shows how in-sync they are. Little Sis and her Fiance have been together for 8 weeks, and they think everything they say and do is endearing and romantic. What drives the series is showing the way these couples interact differently in the same situations based on how long they've been together. They fight differently, they flirt differently, they ride in cabs differently. Well, if there was any doubt in my mind as to which couple was most like Steve and me (hint: we've been together 10 years), we had a little exchange last night that cleared it up:

[We're at home. As I walk into our room and past Steve, I flash a grin at him]

Steve: What was that for?
Me: [Biting into a fun size Kit Kat] Oh, I dunno. Sometimes when I look at you, I can't help but smile, 'cause you make me so f***ing happy.
Steve: [laughing]. Ok, now I know you're full of $#*!.

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  1. I watch Better With You on the internet and it is pretty cute. It is a little cheesy and doen't compete with Modern Family or the Office however it has its moments. The top moment of the show so far was when the mom acted out the emails.... "And then Charlie bit his finger again!"....that scene made me laugh!