Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ya Say it's Your Birthday...

I'm told I was pissed the day my brother was born.

Just ten days beyond my third birthday, and quite content in my role of only child--and the center of Mom and Dad's universe--I was willing to share the spotlight. With a little sister.

Arriving at the hospital to the news that I was there to meet my baby brother was at the same time frustrating and infuritating. Now this, I do remember. I was taken to the nursery to see Baby Jarred sleeping among the rows of newborn baby boys...and girls. Thinking all babies are interchangable, and that surely one of the little girl mommies would gladly trade for a little boy, I implored my father to exchange Jarred. While standing outside the nursery wearing a hospital smock, I angrily stomped my foot and demanded Dad "Take that baby back!". This was met with laughter by everyone within earshot. This only made me seeth with more anger. Never laugh at an angry three-year-old. Write that down.

Perhaps in an attempt to give me a cooling-off period, Mom suggested Dad take me to the store to buy a teddy bear for my new baby brother. Imagine her surprise when we returned two hours later, I was the proud owner of two new pairs of shoes, and I presented Jarred with this teddy bear:
Actual height: 4 inches. Whomp whomp. Moments later, I pumped up the blood pressure sleeve until it burst and Mom and Dad hid it from sight. Then I got to hold Jarred for the first time, and I realized that even though we wouldn't be playing dress-up together, we could still have some fun times. Jarred introduced me to a world of trains, trucks and Legos I wouldn't have enjoyed otherwise. Now I can't wait until Legos are no longer a choking hazard for Robinson, and he has the motor skills to build things with me. It's gonna be so fun!

Thanks, Jayzee, for making childhood so fun (and for making adulthood more fun too)!


P.S. I'm sorry for calling you "Jayzee" on this blog. And I'm sorry for mentioning again just now.

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