Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Guess This Makes Me a "Little Monster"

So, Steve arrived home from work last night (my birthday night) during Dancing with the Stars. I hadn't seen him since 5:00 am, when he left to work at a golf tournament. He came bearing bar b que, cake, champagne, and a card--all for me!

I went to the kitchen to open my card, so I could use a steak knife as a makeshift letter opener. Something told me I was going to want to save this card. I was sure it would have some sort of cartoon on the front of a red headed lady, and inside would be a heartfelt note from him about how he falls more and more in love with me each year, and he's so stoked to be celebrating my birthday for the 11th time since we met, and that I'm a terrific mom and I just get better with age. I don't want to put words into his mouth, but this card was gonna be epic, I had no doubt.

The card features a hologram of Miley Cyrus, and when you tilt the card, she becomes Hannah Montana. Inside, the note read,

Miley and I hope you have a great time @ Lady Gaga this March

Yay! So, Amy and I are going to see Lady Gaga in March! I consider myself a fan of Lady Gaga's music, but not so much of Lady Gaga's persona. I'd love to see her in a flirty frock. She doesn't have to dress like Butcher Shop Barbie on my account--

She calls her fans "Little Monsters" and even has a tattoo dedicated to them. I'd consider myself a fan, but I don't know if I'm hardcore enough to be a Little Monster. The way she talks about her Little Monsters, they're mostly social outcasts who face oppression and discrimination and who she feels the need to advocate for. I'm just an ordinary woman from middle America who jams out on my iPod to the five songs I downloaded from iTunes. Regardless, I'm pretty fired up about the concert because she's gonna put on a great show.

Thanks, Stevie! xoxo

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