Friday, October 22, 2010

Fantasy Hoops Draft: Time for Inappropriate Team Name Reveal

Big Announcement: Steve's Fantasy Baseball Team won the championship! He is the winner of not only bragging rights, but $150! Snaps for Steve! [snap, snap]

Steve's Fantasy Basketball Draft is today. He's way excited. I'm not sure how he's gonna manage the draft while he's at the American League Championship Series Game between the Rangers and the Yankees. The Rangers are just one game away from winning the Penant (is that what they call it?) and going to the World Series! It would be such a thrill!

Anyways, back to the basketball draft. Once again, he enlisted my help in creating the logo for what is typically a politically incorrect team name for his fantasy team. Just to recap, the names of his past and present teams are:

Fighting Syphillis
Curious Mole
Temporary Paralysis
Box of Porn
Curtains of Beef
The Two Steves

His 2010-2011 Fantasy Basketball Team Name?

Dumpster Baby

I usually get creative with Fotoflexer, but for this logo, I just lifted a picture from a Google Image Search. I'd say that's taking the "easy" way out, if you think that Googling the phrase "dumpster baby" is an easy thing to do. I beg you: Do not Google "Dumpster Baby". You've been warned.


  1. i love it. reminds me of my favorite Alway Sunny in Philadelphia episode... which if you're not watching, you should be.

  2. i dont get that much into fantasy sports but here are the few names i've used: Freshwater Wolverines (inside joke) and Double Dutch Rudder (consult urban dictionary)