Monday, November 15, 2010

Misty the Wordsmith

We haven't had a Misty post in a while, but you should all be aware: she is still out there, she walks among you, she's a mother, and a licensed driver. You've been warned.

Today, Misty is learnin' us some terminology:

this Instant Message exchange was given to Jarred by his boss:

Boss: I need that rate when you get a chance
Misty: I am working on it I promise, honest engine
Boss: Honest engine?
Misty: What?
Boss: You mean honest injun? Like indian, not like a Chevy small block
Misty:  Are you serious? I been saying that wrong all this time. I can't tell you how many text I've sent with that.
Misty: [texting] Jay if I say "undeniable" is that like a little thing?

Jay: If you say "undeniable" is that a little thing?
Misty: "undeniable" thats a...
Jay: a word?
Misty: Yeah like if I say "you like her and it's undeniable."
Jay: Yes, that would be a sentence
Misty: Thanks Jay, I don't know what I would do with out you!
Jeremy: Misty, are these trailers preloaded?

Misty:  Yes Jeremy, I'm sorry, I have cerebral bulimia
Andy: So your brain throws up?
Jarred: I wasn't sure she had anything to throw up
Misty:  No!
Ms. Dana: Oh my, that sounds horrible
Misty:  It's not real, It's just slang, just means I'm stupid.
So, to recap: We learned the difference between words and sentences, "honest engine" and "cerebral bulimia". I think I contracted cerebral bulimia by typing this post. There is no known cure.

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