Wednesday, November 10, 2010

spellinggg is 4 loserrrs

So, I awoke this morning with two text messages in my inbox. One was a sweet message from Steve, and the other was from what was obviously a wrong number, sent bright and early at 6:26am:
".-iknoee riqht im finna be a fuqkinqq partyy animal for the rest of thee week.! .*' | Li'Lexuss A Fuqkinq Savaqee | '*.
I choose to believe that the last part is her "signature" that is sent with every text message.

I never cease to be amazed by what some people will do to the English language. I wondered why "Li'Lexuss" was unable to unleash her inner party animal until Wednesday. That tells me she has some sort of responsibility, like a job or school (please let it be school, please let it be school).

Even smart youngsters take liberties with the English language in ways I don't fully understand. I have a cousin who is eleven years younger than me, and when she used to Myspace me when she was in high school, she'd be like, "heyyy hows liffffe?" At first I thought it was a lazy typo situation, then I thought maybe her keyboard was sticking, but I eventually learned that it's how all the cool kids type. To be a cool kid, you have to casually mispell simple words, add extra letters to words (usually consonants), and ignore all rules regarding capitalization and punctuation. Especially apostrophes.

Steve and I have a friend who we met through golf. She is currently a college sophomore, but we've known her for years. She has worked for him during her summer break, and she came to my baby shower. She's a sweetie pie. She and Steve text each other to stay in touch. One day, I had to have a conversation with Steve about how mispelling words is "what the kids are doing these days", because he couldn't understand her text message. Now when we talk to her, it goes something like this:

Steve: [typing on his phone]. Oh, Kyndal says "hi". She wants to come visit the baby.
Me: Oh! That sweet girl. Tell her I said "Hey" with three "y"s.
Steve: What? "heyyy"?
Me: Yep.
Steve: Oh, she just said "heyyy :)"
Me: That's right. [wink]

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