Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Natalie Morales is Pretty

Ok, so while Steve is in our bedroom watching the Texas Rangers lose the World Series (I couldn't bear to watch), I was in the living room watching the Sister Wives Special, hosted by NBC's Natalie Morales. It was special indeed, and it turns out that the most "special" person of all...is Natalie Morales herself.

While interviewing Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown alone on a rooftop, Natalie asks a question that makes me press "pause" on my DVR:

Natalie: You're sort of the--the moon, and they rotate around you. Is that a good way to put it?
No, Natalie. It is not a good way to put it.

Admittedly, I was not much of a science student, but even this question set off my "stupid radar". I attempted to verify my suspicions:

Me: Stayve! (That's how it sounds when I'm yelling)
Steve: Yuh!
Me: Nevermind. I don't wanna yell.
Steve: It's ok!
Me: Ok, so--planets orbit around the sun, right?
Steve: Uh huh.
Me: And moons orbit around planets?
Steve: Yeah, that's right.
Me: Does. Anything. Orbit. Around. The moons?
Steve: Don't think so.
Me: Natalie Morales thinks it does.
Steve: Natalie Morales is a dum-dum.

[I also ask Google. Google says "No."]

[Sigh]. Well, Natalie Morales is pretty. She has that going for her. I've been watching her on the Today show for years. I just love the way this "serious journalist" discusses celebrity gossip with more enthusiasm than she reserves for politics and current events.

The interview of a lifetime!
 I love when she reads the news while wearing a giant statement necklace that is so distracting, I can't pay attention to a damn word she says. I'm just wondering, "Are those semi-precious stones? Is it as heavy as it looks?"

One of her more understated pieces
I love when she covers stories that allow her the opportunity to wear lycra, demonstrate her athletic prowess, display her superior physique, and basically make the story about her.
Natalie doesn't just report the news. Natalie is the news! Like when she's preparing to interview actors on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, she did an entire piece on Today about her experience choosing a dress and getting glammed for the event. If Natalie has to try on a half dozen designer evening gowns and receive compliments from stylists on how super-skinny she is in order to get her story, she's not afraid to put herself out there or go that extra mile. I really admire that about her.
"The question everyone is dying to ask: How gorgeous do I look tonight?"
 One more thing: I love the way she overpronounces any Spanish word, so we can all be reminded what a proud Latina woman she is.

So yeah, if you can't already tell--I'm a big fan.

P.S. In the lengthy process of filming and producing the Sister Wives special, was there not a single cameraman, producer, production assistant, or editor who stopped to say, "Uh, Natalie, nothing orbits around moons." Why does this bug me so much?


  1. Morning :)

    I just wanted to say, Natalie is a dear. She reports from the heart, and she's not really posh, I think people like to dress her up, probably because she is so lovely.

    As to the moon thing, well who knows whether its just a slip or whether she was making a point we dont quite get.

    To me it doesn't matter, I love the way she deals from her feelings.

    As to your blog, well, its pretty.


  2. Good morning, and thank you for visiting my blog! I should probably apologize for the misleading title to this post. It appears you were searching for a Natalie Morales fansite, where you could lavish the journalist with the praise and adoration you so clearly feel she deserves, with other like-minded people.

    Natalie is lovely and dear, that is an undisputed fact. I was stating my opinion on my blog--an opinion that I would like to point out is based on photos and film footage. Your opinion is based on feelings and assumptions. You may be right, she may allow others to dress her like she's a Barbie doll (explains the over-the-knee boots she wore last week) and perhaps she is of such supreme intelligence she asked Kody Brown a question only an astronomer could understand. Your opinion certainly is prettier than mine, though, and the world is kinder and more generous with you in it.


  3. Natalie, as you might expect, is not a serious journalist. She does not develop or pursue her own story ideas. Instead, she is a tool of producers and executives without any backbone whatsoever, readily complying to any and all demands.

    She also has one of the biggest jokes of a job on television. I love how she is called a "National Correspondent" when she never ventures outside of Manhattan. Her title should be Local Leech.

    Your thorough criticism of Natalie is deserved and appreciated. The fact that she has remained on the Today Show as long as she has is a mystery to me. She is truly one of the most irritating individuals I have ever come across.

  4. Oh, and did I mention she's ostentatious and pretentious to boot?