Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Baby's Not Here to Amuse You...Unfortunately

Moms, maybe you can relate. If not, lie to me and say you can relate. My baby and I spend a lot of time together. For hours, I watch as my baby smiles, giggles, jibber jabbers, he makes excellent eye contact, and is engaged in whatever we're doing. Junior is socially dynamic and loaded with charisma. It's like he's dancing and singing, "Hello ma baby, hello ma honey, hello ma ragtime gal!"
I'm always happy for others to see him, whether it's the grocery store checkout clerk or friends stopping by to visit, and I can't with for them to see what my boy is able to do now! I'm such a proud mama.
Then, as soon as other people are around, his face just goes...vacant. Junior is completely dead behind the eyes.
I laugh nervously and assure them that he really is a smiling, happy, intelligent baby. To prove it, I try my hardest to rouse a giggle or a smile from his expressionless face.
My efforts are rewarded with either hysterical crying or he begins casually making spit bubbles. Both lack the charm I was hoping for.

So, to recap--

My baby when we're home alone:
My baby in the presence of others:
Baby Robinson in a nutshell:

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