Saturday, July 10, 2010

When Will There Be Nesting?

I've seriously been looking forward to nesting this entire pregnancy. After the nausea, bloating, mood swings, fatigue, and cravings that accompany pregnancy, nesting was a pregnancy symptom I could get excited about. I imagined waking up one day with this burst of new found energy, and I would set about the house cleaning and organizing everything like some kind of domestic wonder woman. I could picture it in my mind, and it was glorious. Like that time I took Adderall.

We thought I might be nesting a couple of weeks ago when Mom was in town:

Mom: You've been a lot more active today.
Me: Yeah, ya think so?
Mom: Yeah, you're really up and moving. I think this might be it. You might be nesting.
Me: Really? Well, I am getting more accomplished, but it doesn't feel compulsive. Know what I mean?
Mom: It doesn't? See, for me it was compulsive. But that's not how you're feeling?
Me: No, I definitely don't feel compulsive...I feel...diligent.
Mom: Diligent.
Me: What if "diligent" is the closest I get to nesting? What if "diligent" is my "compulsive"?

The past two weeks I have been lethargic to the point of worthless, so I have let a lot of chores and action items accumulate because I told myself, "Ehh, I'll save it for when I'm nesting!" Yeah, my due date is in seven days, and while that doesn't mean that nesting will never happen for me, I am beginning to think I better drag my lazy bones out and finish taking care of business in case the nesting instinct doesn't kick in before I deliver this baby.

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