Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Have Nothing to Say For Once

If you put your summer vacation plans on hold because I might give birth soon, go ahead and take that trip. Baby Robinson is exercising his option to stay in the womb for the duration. I fully expect to go beyond my due date. I'm doing fine, other than the fact I'm not sleeping well and am pretty uncomfortable most of the time. I spend my days eating, sleeping, and trying to sleep, and I walk away with a grand total of 7 hours sleep over a 24 hour period. I'm pretty worthless. Also, I'm craving sugar worse than Buddy the Elf. No good can come of this.
I'm blogging less, because I have less to say. I'm home alone with the mutts most of the day, so I don't have funny stories from work...or from any interaction with anybody for that matter. Y'all are bored with my dog stories. I have nothing interesting to contribute regarding the latest in movies and television. I'm neither Team Edward, nor Team Jacob, I have no vested interest in who Bachelorette Ali is going to pick, and I have no plans to see Despicable Me or Knight and Day in the theatres, though I have been subjected to endless advertising and promotion for these films. So, that leaves me with...a whole lotta nuttin'. I'm looking forward to seeing Danielle's weave get yanked out on The Real Housewives of New Jersey next week. So I have that going for me. Until then, I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday afternoon. I'll let you know if anything good happens!

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