Saturday, July 10, 2010

Unleashing the Idiosynchrasies

I'm 39 weeks pregnant and feeling great! Here's the scoop: I am due Saturday, July 17. I have a doctor's appointment next Wednesday, July 14. At that time, we will tentatively schedule Robinson's birth for the following week so we have a plan in case he doesn't arrive on his own by his due date. Normally my doctor would give me up to a week beyond my due date to allow nature to take it's course, but with my due date falling on a Saturday, she's going to opt to evict Robinson 3-5 days post due date rather than 9-11 days post due date. Makes sense to me.

It's entirely possible this will all be moot and that Robinson will arrive ahead of his due date, but I don't expect that outcome. I have experienced zero signs that labor is imminent, Robinson seems quite content, and my brother and I were both late arrivals. That, along with my "mother's instinct" tells me that we will be going in after him!

This leaves the possibility that I will have the opportunity to choose my child's birthday. I hadn't considered the possibility before now. This is where I start to reveal my weirdness. If my child is to be born the week of July 19-July 23, I definitely want to do it early in the week so that Robinson is a Cancer and not a Leo. No offense to Leos out there, but the simple fact is that Leos don't tend to like me or get along with me as well as Cancers do. In fact, if you're a Leo you probably already find me and this post annoying and should stop reading my blog. Having a child who likes me is sort of important to me. Don't try to tell me that he'll like me no matter what. I need a Cancer baby and that's that. Also, I don't think I like July 19th. It's not only an odd number, but a prime number. July 20th is better, but then he'll share a birthday with Billy Mays (the bearded pitch man who annoys me even in death) and Larry Craig (the self-loathing closeted senator who provides one of Steve's favorite quotes--say it in a deep, booming "man" voice: "I am not gay, nor have I ever been gay!") This leaves July 21. I like the number 21. It's a perfect blackjack score and it's divisible by 7 and 3. There are several notable people who share that birthday, all of whom are talented and influential, but also rather strange (Earnest Hemingway, Cat Stevens, Robin Williams). I can live with that.

So, if Robinson doesn't come into this world on his own, the way nature intended by Wednesday, July 21, we're hopefully having a c-section. I don't know if Doc is gonna go for the scheduled c-section, but I say if we're gonna schedule this birth, let's go all-out!


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  2. I agree about the days... I actually hate the whole way July sounds!! ugh but I may just be pissed off at the month because I have yet to have this baby!! Hang in there... We're almost through! :)

  3. Morgan, I feel the same way! When Alli had her boy early I kinda hoped the same thing would happen to me! Not because I'm sick of being pregnant, but because I like the month of June. And you're having your baby before I have mine! I'm gonna be all by my lonesome :(