Friday, July 16, 2010

All The Pregnant Ladies

I love me some parodies, and this one is good. It's a sassy redheaded pregnant chick (I guess I'm not the only one) re-creating Beyonce's "Single Ladies" while 38 weeks pregnant. I'm impressed with her vocals and her moves, her clever re-writing of the lyrics, and her ability to fit into a leotard. I would not be up for the task at this point.

Thanks, Jennye!


  1. Samantha - I have to tell you - your pregnancy situation sounds a LOT like mine. Elise refused to be born on her own, so EIGHT DAYS after my due date, they induced. I was so obnoxiously pregnant. Anyway, I got the epidural and had the baby that day. Hang in there!

  2. EIGHT days, wow. The good thing about being due on a Saturday is that they won't let me go more than 5 days past my due date because that would conflict with their three day weekend! I thought of you when I saw this video, because I bet if you re-wrote the words to this song it would be even funnier.