Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday: By The Numbers

Helloooo and Happy December! I haven't blogged in a week because I was in Alabama celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. I need to stretch a bit before getting back to the blog, so here's a rundown of my the numbers.

Length of trip in days: 7
Outfits packed: 9
Hours spent driving from Dallas to Birmingham: 9.5
Time wasted in detours thanks to an unreliable "Starbucks Finder" phone app: 0.5
Dogs boarded at our local kennel: 2
Dogs reported to suffer from separation anxiety at said kennel, resulting in explosive diarrhea: 1
Dogs on hunger strike at kennel because she's pissed she wasn't included in our vacation: 1
Pounds of turkey breast purchased from Rudy's for Thanksgiving dinner: 4
Hitchikers spotted on the interstate: 1
Christmas CDs I forced Steve to listen to: 2
Iron Bowl parties attended: 2
"Tipsy Tiger" cocktails consumed at Iron Bowl party: 3
Friends visited: 20
Homecooked meals prepared by my loving mother: 4
Rounds of golf played (by Steve of course!): 1
Trips to Starbucks: 3
Hours spent driving from Birmingham to Dallas: 10
Pounds gained: 5

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