Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our First Family Christmas Card

I am very pleased with how our very first Christmas card turned out. Does it conjur up images of angels and  innocence and hope and wonder? Yeah, that's totally what I was going for [shaking head "no"] At one point during the shoot I sprawled out in the floor in sheer exhaustion and a little exasperation. My face hurt from playing cheerleader to coax a smile from Robinson. "Where's my happy boy? THERE'S my happy boy!" Honestly, I was just patient and snapping away and Robinson eventually gave me this shot. Not too shabby for a novice amateur photographer with a cell phone camera, eh? Thanks again to Shutterfly for such speedy delivery of our beautiful cards!

Fortunately (thanks to my Dad) I won't be taking next year's Christmas card picture with a cell phone camera because I am the proud owner of a new digital camera! I'll review it and post some pictures in a future post...after I learn how to properly use the camera's features!


  1. This picture/card is amazing...what a precious boy!

  2. I can't believe this is a cell phone pic! It looks great, and Robinson does look very angelic~