Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Card Outtakes

I decided to try my hand at making a Christmas card this year. I've always wanted to. It seems like a proper "family" thing to do, and now that Robinson is here, I'd say I have a proper family, so I should act the part, right? Making a Christmas card goes against my procrastinator's sensibilities, because creating, ordering, addressing, and mailing Christmas cards requires planning in advance and executing. You see, I lack follow-through. That's why I never start scrapbook or sewing projects because I don't want to have to look at a graveyard of unfinished craft projects. It just illuminates my slacker-ness.

The only person who was happy about the Christmas card photo shoot was Laney. Did I mention she's an internationally sought-after glamour model?
After an hour of unsuccesfully trying to photograph Rob using the camera on my cell phone (yeah, it's come to that), I invited Laney to join him under the tree. First, she sat four feet away from Rob by the fireplace. I motioned for her to sit closer to him. That's when she gave me this:

Season's Greetings!
That is a bunk nativity scene if I've ever seen one. She looks at me like, "Here's your shot. That's a wrap." Robinson wasn't digging my whole "Away in a Manger" concept.
So I tried dressing him up.
It's supposed to be a Christmas card, not an entry photo for a Baby Gap model search. Also, he looks like a first grader. Not the "Baby's First Christmas" card I envisioned. Next.
For every smiley face shot I get, there's twenty of him crying or with his hand in his mouth.
Then I began peeling his clothes off, layer by layer, til we were back to "naked baby" As you can see, this drug on for some time...
Most pictures were this good. Robinson is bored, and Laney looks like el chupacabra. These pictures are misleading, because Laney is pretty indifferent towards Robinson. Libby is his real-life bestie. I tried to include Libby, and she is nearby while I am shooting, but every time I invited her to sit with Laney and Rob, she tucked tail and ran outside. I think my invitation to be photographed translates in dog-speak to "I will deport you!" because that was her reaction.

I'm proud to say I have placed the order for Christmas cards with Shutterfly, and once they've been mailed, I'll share it with the blogosphere! I hope everybody is enjoying the holidays!

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