Friday, December 3, 2010

Never Leave Me Again!

I mentioned in my Thanksgiving recap post that I boarded both Laney and Libby for the week, and during their stay, Steve received a report that one of them was suffering from such severe separation anxiety that she was having bouts of explosive diarrhea, barking fits, and ultimately had to be sedated. We weren't told which brown dog was doing this, but Vegas odds makers had it 3:1 as Laney.
Aren't I pitiful?

My whole family guessed it was Laney, and it turns out we were wrong! Turns out it was ol' Scrappy Do herself, Libby Leigh, having Vietnam flashbacks and suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from her days as a homeless, orphaned mutt living on the mean streets of Gainesville, Texas. She remembers how all her sisters got adopted from the pound before her, and she got left behind until the nice redheaded lady adopted her. I can almost picture Libby at the kennel on Thanksgiving, rattling her cage with her paws screaming, "I want my one phone call! Where's my lawyer?! I've been framed!"

I missed you, Sammy!
The girls are super happy to be home now. They're being quietly clingy, and it's cool because they got baths while they were at the kennel and so they smell like roses!

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