Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Best Part of Waking Up... finding a sexually explicit image in your text message inbox!

No? Not really what you want to look at first thing in the morning? Yeah, me either!

I will file this under "Things that can't be unseen":

Around 7:00 AM today, a lady in the 205 area code sent a picture message that contained a dimly lit photo of a graphic nature. (I think "sexting" is what the kids are calling it). Unfortunately for her (and the world), instead of sending the erotic photo to her intended target, it went to my loving and sensitive husband, Steve. Being the thoughtful and astute man that he is, he took one look at the image, and, confused by what he was viewing, responded to the text with a question: "Are you digging in your purse?"

She did not respond. That's when Steve realized he had intercepted a bajengo picture.

From there, Steve shared his story, and later his photo with three of his friends, plus me. All this, despite my repeated insistance that "No, I do not need to see it!" He forwarded it to me anyway. I was so horrified, I griped to my brother, Jarred:

Me: I had to start my day by looking at a picture of some lady's junk!
Jarred: Pay it forward!
Me: Who sends a picture like that at 7:00 AM?
Jarred: It's 5 o'clock somewhere
Me: Well, it was a 205 number
Jarred: The heart wants what the heart wants. It knows no time.

View this Not Safe For LIFE photo at your own risk, after the JUMP!
Umm, you sick bastard! Hell no I'm not posting porn on my blog! What is the matter with you?

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