Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm Bursting With Holiday Cheer

I've always loved Christmas, but the past few years, between unhappiness with my job and the fact that Steve and I work in the retail/service industry (which can truly take the joy out of the season), I haven't really enjoyed the holidays. I've been the surly broad at the Christmas party sipping cider in the corner with my equally unfestive friends and going on about how we are so glad this year is almost over. Not this year. Blame it on motherhood. This year it's like my heart grew three sizes. Just like my ass. Hey-oh! At my house it's Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!
I've been compulsively downloading Christmas music and importing Christmas CDs into iTunes and creating Christmas Playlists for my iPod. I've been listening to Christmas music exclusively for two weeks.
I took Robinson to Target. On the weekend. For fun. This is the moment where you ask me if I'm feeling alright and you touch my forehead to check for fever. At Target, I spent an hour picking out Christmas music, Christmas candles, and Christmas movies. I just couldn't decorate the tree while watching Celebrity Rehab. I had to buy Mickey's Christmas Carol, White Christmas and Love Actually. I also decided that this is the year I become the kind of woman who has Christmas spatulas and Christmas doormats and who hangs twinkle lights on anything that sits still.
I have nothing funny to blog about, no snarky observations or pithy banter. I'm just too effing happy.

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  1. Your tree is so pretty. I'm sure Robinson loves all of the lights.