Monday, December 6, 2010

The Smoking Crumb

So, last week I baked a cake. Like nice wifeys do. It was red velvet, one of Steve's favorites. I knew I had done well, because he immediately went and pre-cut slices into the entire cake. Then he served himself three slices on one plate.

A few minutes later, I walk into the kitchen and notice that something is askew with cake...
Clearly this is the work of the cupcake bandit, who last struck in September. That case is still unsolved, but I suspected Libby, Steve suspected Laney. I also have to allow for the possibility that it wasn't an inside job.
You should know that I will never pass up the opportunity to feature Stains the cupcake dog on my blog. Even at the risk of getting text messages from friends that say "Nice blog, but you talk about your dogs too much". Anyway, I think this case is all wrapped up, because while I only had a hunch last time, this time I have proof! I present to you: The Smoking Crumb:

It's Libby!
I hearby find that Libby is guilty of the charge of eating dessert off the counter top: a Class A misdemeanor. I sentence her to: being crated whenever I leave the house for the next week, to keep her honest. I gave her a pat on the fanny and asked her if the cream cheese frosting was tasty. Laney sat in the corner seething that she is a good girl all the time and Libby gets frosting and she gets bupkis (yes, Laney knows Yiddish words). We shouldn't have left the cake so close to the edge of the counter. If I were Libby, I would have done the exact same thing. Now that I think of it, I should have given Laney a slice of cake to make things even. Parenting lesson learned: if one kid gets cake, both kids get cake.

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