Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's Your Fantasy?

So, Steve is in the middle of his first year participating in fantasy league. We realize he's a little late to the party, but he's jumped into it with gusto. He got his feet wet during football season, made people take notice during basketball season, and now he is poised for greatness as he embarks on baseball season. Since he has internet on his Google phone, he is able to obsessively monitor his score from anywhere. And he does. One of the highlights for him each season is the draft, and (more importantly) the choosing of the team name right before the draft. This is the part where I participate. I'm proud to say I have made the winning suggestion for each team name to date, and now it's time to reveal the name for baseball season! But first, a brief history and methodology on the fantasy team names:

For his football team, I reached into my memory bank and reminded him of a team name he had used once before -- for a group project in high school. His teacher thought that Fighting Syphilis was an inappropriate name for a team, but when a seventeen year-old Steve declared that "Van Gogh fought syphilis, and so will we!" just can't argue with that.

When preparing for fantasy basketball, I threw out a whimsical suggestion that I never thought he'd go for...Suspicious Mole. I thought the double entendre was just silly enough for him to like it, and I was right. But when the time came for him to sign up, he absent-mindedly submitted Curious Mole the mole inquisitive? I do not know, but regardless of this oversight, Curious Mole has dominated in the league and I could not be more proud.

With baseball season quickly approaching, I "stepped up to the plate" and offered up yet another suggestion. It's sure to be a winner! Only this time, I noticed a pattern forming and used that to create his baseball season team name:

Descriptor + Medical Condition = Fantasy Team Name

I'm generalizing here a bit, because I really couldn't say if a mole would be classified as a "medical condition" but you get the point. So, without futher delay, Steve's Fantasy Baseball team name is...

Temporary Paralysis

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  1. thats kind of a bummer naming system. i tend to go with obscure sexual terms that seem to fly under the radar. my previous fantasy team name is double dutch rudder. consult urban dictionary if you must.