Monday, March 22, 2010

To Put It Bluntly...

I spent some time with a old co-worker last week, and it was so great so see her and catch up! After exchanging the "so, what have you been up to?" and "have you talked to so-and-so lately?" stories, the conversation turned down this path:

Friend: Do you remember me telling you about my ex-boyfriend?
Me: Yeah, sure.
Friend: I you remember what I told you about my ex-boyfriend?
Me: Well yeah, I mean, I can't recall specifics...but...didn't you basically tell me how he's just a...steaming-hot bowl of crazy?
Friend: Yeah. We're back together.
Me: I'm so happy for you!

We had a good laugh at that one. At least she has a sense of humor. But seriously, what do you say to the girl whose ex-boyfriend (who stole her identity, went to jail, blah, blah, blah) waltzes back into her life and sweeps her off her feet? I think they're headed for a storybook ending.

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