Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Meet the Mutts

Hello! I'm starting this little blog so that I may update those interested in what's going on in our world! I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to leave comments! Under a post, click comments, type your message in the box to the right, then under "Chose an identity" mark the circle Name/URL, simply enter your name and click PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT. It would be nice to know somebody is actually reading this!
For my first post, I think I'll start by introducing the "Three Mutts" in the blog title, since the Baby has yet to make an appearance. Seems like a fun way to kick things off. And since everybody has not had the pleasure of meeting my little nuggets in person, I will introduce them by comparing them to pop culture figures you are familiar with. Isn't that clever?
+ =
Grace Kelly + Sandy from Grease = Laney

This is Laney, my oldest and most trusted dog. I adopted her in 2003 when I was a junior at Auburn. She had a fabulous time in college and was quite the popular little lady. Imagine if Princess Grace of Monaco came back to earth in the form of a pound puppy, and that's Laney. She prances around like a delicate ballerina, she flirts with every man who enters our home, from party guests to the cable guy, and she bristles at the indignity of eating out of a bowl on the floor and using the bathroom outside. A Capricorn, she loves car rides and long walks in the park and is great with children. Quirky but sweet, I believe she fully understands the English language.

Forrest Gump + Clarence from It's A Wonderful Life = George

Meet George. Like Forrest, he's not a smart man...but he knows what love is. And just as Clarence is described in the classic Christmas film: "he's got the mind of a rabbit, but the faith of a child." Named after our 43rd President, a sweeter boy never lived. He once ran away, only to reappear a week later with the name "Quixote". He has twice cheated death. The only AKC registered purebred of my three dogs (read: ridiculously overpriced), he is sure to be the last. This is not a recent photo of the little man. Nowadays he resembles a meatloaf. Or a fur-covered foot stool. He's my Super Chunk!
+ =
Punky Brewster + Pink = Libby

This is Libby. She was born in a barn and abandoned by her stray dog mother. Suffice to say, her breed is a mystery. I didn't really need a third dog (nobody needs a third dog) but George had run away and I was sure he was never coming back (it had been 5 whole days!) While searching for him in local shelters I found this little darling. She moved in and immediately established herself as the alpha dog. She's hell on wheels and can often be found doing all the typical messy-dog activities: digging, rolling in the mud, drinking out of the toilet, burying her face in an ant bed...she only did that once. A true survivor, she's not afraid to take matters into her own hands and get what she wants. She's like a bull in a china shop, but she sure does love her mama and papa!

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