Wednesday, August 11, 2010

That's What Misty Said

My sleeping newborn hasn't provided much in the way of blogging material, and he takes up 100% of my time.  The brother emailed me this nugget so I have something to post. Thanks, Jarred!

Misty: Jay is it disperse? or disberse?
Jarred: Like to spread something around? disperse, I'm afraid disberse isn't a word.
Misty: Are you sayin 'perse? or 'berse?
Jarred: dis' like you diss your homies, and 'perse like the bag you keep your keys in

Misty then boasted that she could fit 6 minature Snickers bars in her mouth. I overheard such quotes as:

"I'm not doing it until I see how big they are."

"Yeah, I want to put them all in my mouth at once."

"I really had to struggle to pry it out of my mouth."

"Choking on it was not an option."

PS. She did get all 6 in there right as my boss was walking back in, she ran to the bathroom and spit them all out. It was a major disappointment.

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