Thursday, August 5, 2010

Labor and Delivery By The Numbers

This is neither creative, nor writing, but I have to ease back into this blogging thing. So much has transpired in the past two weeks that if I devoted the time to writing real posts about everything, it would take forever to get caught up. "By the Numbers" was a little feature in Maxim, a magazine I used to read until Steve allowed his subscription to lapse in 2003. This will tell you in a nutshell about my experience with labor, delivery, and post partum without sharing too much information! Spoiler alert: childbirth is messy business.

Days past my due date: 5
Hours of sleep I got the night before the induction: 4.5
Hours of labor: 13.5
Hours of labor before asking for the epidural: 4
Attempts to administer the epidural: 2
Times I suggested booking the OR for a C-Section: 4
Labor and Delivery nurses assigned to me (due to shift changes): 3
Labor and Delivery nurses I expected to have assigned to me: 1
Movies watched during labor and delivery: 7
Cups of apple juice consumed: 5
Cups of apple juice consumed during the last 20 years (outside a hospital): 0
People I allowed to be present for the delivery: 3
Days I was required to go without eating: 2
Days I expected to go without eating: 0
Days spent in hospital: 4.5
Most consecutive hours of sleep since July 22: 3.5
Robinson's birth weight: 9lbs, 9oz
Number of pounds I've lost since the birth due to fluid retention: 10


  1. Even your numbers post is funny! Labor sucks, yes, but now you have a sweet boy so alls well! Congrats again!!

  2. i'm so glad you're back in blogland! congratulations on that sweet baby. get some rest!!