Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm In Love with the 10 lb. Meatloaf That Rules My World

I'm loving this little chapter of life I've found myself in, even if I'm too worn out to know what day it is sometimes. Everybody says the newborn phase goes by super quickly and to enjoy every second. I'm taking that advice and living by it. Sure, I'm losing sleep, but it's only temporary-ish. And besides, what I'm giving up in zzz's I'm more than making up for in simple precious moments with just my baby and me.

I know I'm spoiled because I have a mellow, happy baby, but I don't take for granted for one moment how lucky I am to have a child whose needs are so basic and simple that a four ounce bottle of formula is the solution to 75% of his problems. When I look at him, he's just so perfect. He doesn't have stitches in his forehead from falling out of bed (me, age 5) or a blown-out knee from a career-ending basketball injury (Steve, age 18). He cries, but it's not from pain, disappointment or hurt feelings. Years from now, I'll long for the days where a baby bottle is all it takes to dry the tears and make him feel better.

Before I know it, this little baby will be growing up and living his own life. He'll have his own schedule, his own social life. He'll ask me to stop calling him "peanut" in public. And all of those things will happen before he enters Kindergarten. Years will pass, and he'll meet somebody whose opinion and advice he seeks above mine. He'll be all grown up. Never again will I get to experience quietly feeding him and rocking him to sleep in my arms. I may not be able to slow the hands of time, but I can enjoy the time I have. He's a full-time job, but he's by far my greatest joy.

Sorry, that was mushy. That's not what my blog is known for. To balance out this post, here is a video from 2007 of Britney Spears stoned and eating chicken fingers with Kevin Federline. It's a classic.


  1. precious post, sam... well of course minus the britney part :)

  2. Some of us would greatly appreciate seeing more pics of this 10 pound meatloaf....