Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zigazig Ha!

While I've been busy gestating a fetus in north Texas, my friend-for-life Amanda was mingling with one of my redhead icons, Ginger Spice, aka Geri Halliwell at the Newbury Races in England. The moment was captured on film by a British tabloid. This is even cooler than the time Steve walked a few holes at The Masters with Lil Kim (excuse the name-dropping.)
photo courtesy of zimbio.com
Ladies, can we just take a moment to admire Amanda's suit? Where in Animal-Print-Heaven did this exquisite garment come from? As someone who has required an elastic waistband for the past several months, I especially appreciate the glamour. I adore animal print, namely zebra, but I find this leopard-with-red to be jaw-dropping hotness. If it is still available in stores, I would like to purchase one in size Carnie Wilson.

"Slam your body down and zigazig ha!"

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