Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Bushiest Beavers

Remember that episode of The Office* where Manager Michael Scott hosts his annual Dundie Awards to recognize employees for their distinctions? Pam won for "Whitest Sneakers", Ryan won for "Hottest in the Office" and Phyllis won for "Busiest Beaver"...
"It says 'Bushiest Beaver'"
Well, Steve and I have been very bushy busy beavers lately. The house has been undergoing a metamorphosis, slowly transitioning from the house I decorated for fun as an early twentysomething newlywed to a more sophisticated family home. 
What was once our dining room...
...is now a workspace
It's so...sparse. I'm looking forward to throwing a treadmill and TV in this room. This will soon be the place where I work on my fitness, and where Robinson watches Taxicab Confessions Dora the Explorer...or whatever the little niblets are watching. I'd like to get a screen to conceal said treadmill when not in use. Those things aren't cheap though. Any suggestions?

The most exciting mini-facelift in our home can't be captured in photos, because a 2-dimensional image can't adequately show a 3-dimensional disaster. The house settled, causing about 15 ceramic tiles in our kitchen to lift, creating a hill. Over time, the grout broke down from the daily stampede of my dog army, and that presented a whole new set of problems. Laney is most bothered by this. I guess the hollowness she feels under her paws makes her uneasy, so she takes a ridiculous detour through the kitchen to avoid it. Bless her heart.

Another welcome improvement is replacing the windowsills that were chewed up by a young George.
Then there was the day the kitchen light mysteriously dropped to the ground and shattered, narrowly missing Steve's pumpkin. Instead of viewing this as a bad omen, we looked at it as the house ridding itself of the ugly. Like an exorcism.
Finish the acid trip through the Crayola Factory that was my home...before I had to grow up and make everything beige, like your mom's house...
the entryway
the kitchen

the entryway today

the kitchen today
...but the living room stays as-is, I don't care what anybody says
*Season 2, Episode 1: "The Dundies"


  1. Hey Samantha! Marcie told me about your blog and that you're pregnant - Congrats! Had no idea!!

    Love your green living room btw!

  2. Can I just say that I love the fact that you opened up that post with an Office reference?!?!! Love it. And your house.

  3. @Lauren: Thanks, Lauren! And thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be sure to check yours out :) We're super excited about the baby. I never announced my pregnancy on facebook, so I bet a lot of people don't know.

    @Marcie: Thanks, Marcie! Glad you liked the Office reference too! That's possibly my favorite episode.