Monday, April 19, 2010

Celeb Sightings are Fun for Me

This ties in with another recent post about what others consider to be distinctly "Samantha". I was on my way to have my acrylic fingernails maintained (as you do), when I received a call from my pal, Jill. She works in catering and special events at a very prestigious hotel (translation: she's kind of a big deal) and Sunday brunch at this particular hotel is also kind of a big deal, so you can imagine my surprise receiving a call from her at that time. No way I was letting it go to voicemail! Jill means fun:
Jill says, "I know it's Sunday, and I know it's early [blogger's note: it was 12:33pm] but something just happened, and you're the only person I know who will find this interesting." I held my breath in anticipation, because I know this has gotta be good! "Eva Longoria is here because the Spurs are playing the Mavs, and she and Tony Parker are eating in the restaurant and I got to talk to her." I said, "Did you ask her if Marc Cherry ever slapped her around?" Jill laughs, "No! There was music playing and she wanted to know what it was, so I had to find out and write down the artist and title and take it to her. Then we were talking about the music." Of course I had to ask what kind of music piques the interest of our little tamale, and Jill said, "Rilo Kiley." Jill didn't seem too familiar, and you may not be familiar either, but if you were a little girl in the 1980's, chances are you know who their lead singer is--

Yep, it's Jenny Lewis, Shelley Long's long-suffering daughter in Troop Beverly Hills. She's all grown up and a rock star now. You go, Jenny!

Of course I had to ask if Eva was tiny, and Jill said she was. With Eva, it all depends on which day you catch her. Poor thing can't eat a chimichanga without the press announcing her pregnancy. That must be rough. Jill did remark that Eva had put forth slightly less effort in her personal appearance than I do when I walk my dogs. It's like if there's not a film crew or a red carpet these celebs can't be bothered to fix up. For us regular folks, the whole world is a stage, and Sunday brunch at this hotel would have been cause for a little mascara and lipgloss. I might even put a Bumpit in my hair.  

I forgot to ask what she was eating. Southwest Omelet I suspect.


  1. Troop Beverly Hills was like, my FAVORITE movie!!! Random I know...

  2. We look so skinny in this picture.
    God bless you for posting this one, and not a recent pic.

    Turkey Club with a side of Broccolini

  3. @Marcie: Love me some Troop Beverly Hills. I bet you watched it at least once while at a slumber party. The total slumber party go-to movie.

    @Jill: I'm not in the business of posting unflattering pictures of myself or my friends on the world wide web. Good day to you.