Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Slice of Home

While Steve was at work the other day, an old favorite played on XM Radio. To our friends living outside of Alabama--yes, "Sweet Home Alabama" is our anthem. To our friends back in Alabama--we almost never hear this song beyond my iPod, so it's always a treat.

Regardless of whether you hail from the Heart of Dixie, it's just a damn good song, and everyone loves to sing along:

Bean: Bump bum ba-da, bump bum ba-da, bump bum ba-da--TOMATOES!
Steve: [looks up from computer] What--What. Did. You just say?
Bean: Tomatoes! I'm singing the song, Cuz.
Steve: Turn it up.
Bean: What?
Steve: It's "Turn it up", Bean. You mean to tell me you've been singing "Tomatoes" all this time?
Bean: Is that not how it goes?

(Blogger's note: For those wondering, our pal Bean is "a gentleman of a certain age", meaning he's been saying "tomatoes" since "Sweet Home Alabama"'s release, some 35 years ago.) 

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