Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Misty Likes

Ahh, Misty. I haven't written about Jarred's favorite co-worker in a while. If you've been wondering what's new in the life of our beloved Methadone Scarecrow, here's the latest installment.

Many of our posts in the blogosphere detail the things we love: cupcakes, Robert Pattinson, yoga pants. Well, this post is about a list of things that Misty loves. The glue that holds the myriad of Misty's favorite things together is that they are universally mocked and/or despised by the general population. For your Tuesday morning enjoyment: Things Misty loves, that most people hate:

Pickle juice: Rotten cucumber liquid
Misty on Pickle Juice: "I could drink it!"

Crotch rockets: Gay noisy motorcycles, primarily driven wrecklessly by dbags.
Misty on Crotch Rockets: "Oh I love them, I cant drive one but I'd love to ride one."

Michael Vick - Involved in an illegal interstate dog fighting ring, reponsible for the death and torture of dozens of dogs.
Misty on Michael Vick: "Oh, Michael Vick. I just love seeing someone come back on top."

Bret Michaels: Hair metal singer/bandana jockey/stripper collector
Misty on Bret Michaels: "Turn that radio up! I wish Bret Michaels would sing to me!" [begins singing "Every Rose has its Thorn]

Citrus Cooler Gatorade - This shit's so bad they only sell it at the dollar store
Misty on Citrus Cooler Gatorade: "Citrus flavor is the bomb, its my all time favorite."

Nickelback: Overly-sexual Canadian rock group
Misty on Nickelback: "Man is that Nickelback? I sat in a parking lot for six hours to see them once."

Jon Gosselin: Paunchy, Ed Hardy-loving lothario and divorced father of eight
Misty on Jon Gosselin: "Poor guy, I dont know how he pays that child support."

Chad Ochocinco - NFL player so arrogant he renamed himself his jersey number
Misty on Chad Ochocinco: "Chad Ochocinco is soo hot"


  1. This stuff cracks me up. But I have to know....does Misty know you blog about her???

  2. Getting caught up during my bi-annual pedicure! I love Misty stories! Yes, do tell: Does she know you share her secrets?